๐Ÿ“ƒHow We Select Crypto Projects

At FS, we strive to identify and present you with credible blockchain-based projects that can offer the best investment experience and opportunities.

1. Initial Screening

All projects are tested using model, which takes into account all of the following parameters:

  • Is the core team specialized enough to execute within the space the project is in?

  • Is the advisory team experienced in the industry the project is tackling?

  • Is their professional network sufficient to cover the market?


  • Is this project uniquely enabled by blockchain technology?

  • Do the whitepaper and supporting documentation (i.e. Litepaper, executive summary) make sense?


  • What is the existing investor interest?

  • Do they have a strong (or growing) social media presence and activity (Reddit, 4chan, Telegram)?

  • What is their community like?


  • Is their Github active?

  • How open is their founding team?


  • How baked is the token into the product or solution?

  • Are project participants incentivized to use or hold the token?

  • Are the incentives set up to promote positive growth of the network?

2. Due Dilligence

Once it is determined that a project is good, we start the due dilligence process. We review each project's whitepaper, conduct screening calls, and complete independent research to better understand the startups' business and, if necessary, tap into our Telegram to help us evaluate the following factors:


How does the project create or intend to create value for the users in the network? How much value can it create?


How big is their impact and how will they fulfill their mission?


How large or disruptive can this business be? what are the advantages or key selling point do they have over their competitors?


How is technology and the blockchain used to solve the problem? How practical are their applications and plans for implementation?


Do the token economics and incentives align with the project's mission and serve an intended purpose? Have the governance and mining mechanisms been well thought out and is the mission aligned?


In addition to the founding team, does the team have experienced or exceptional advisors and driven employees?


Is the information presented in the documents they provide true? (verify key facts, contracts, and investments)


Is the valuation cap and other terms in lined with the project's vision/mission?

3. Final Decision

Due diligence extends to the end of the onboarding process. Thatโ€™s when we make the final decision to launch the campaign, provided all the checks have been met. Only after completing this process will the project go live on FS. We will continue to fact check and monitor the campaign, ensuring investors are properly educated and protected.

How we select projects

The token and IDO space is early and rapidly evolving. With new projects and developments released every day, itโ€˜s difficult to keep up, let alone discern which teams and projects are credible as worthwhile investments.

As founders, investors, builders and operators, the FS team brings a wealth of industry knowledge that comes from hands on experience. Your project can bennefit from our vast network of advisors, founders and investors. Our wealth of knowledge spans across many sectors like investing, online fundraising, law, business, engineering, as well as brand and community building development.

Where we find projects

We find projects from a variety of our sources, including:

  • Referrals from our partners

  • Our teamโ€™s personal and professional networks

  • Online applications submitted through the FS Website

  • Referrals from companies who have raised with us

  • Tech conferences & events around the world

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