📲App Features

At FS we are aproaching our growth as a technology company first. Our dApp is available for everyone that have a web3 wallet and it's audited and available on both desktop and mobile.

  1. Subscription model

FSmart Club subscription can be enabled with FS tokens or NFT Keys. All active subscribers qualify for participating in IDOs/INOs and Tier 5 and above guarantees holders sales allocations.

Want to know all the details and what each Tier perks are? Check all the details on FSmart Club Subscription Tiers here.

  1. Liquid Staking your FS tokens

Invest and earn at the same time! You can opt-in to liquid stake FS more details are here

  1. FS NFT Shop

Want to always have guaranteed allocations and get a 10% discount on your Subscription Tier? Get your FS Key NFT!

Attention, NFTs are more illiquid than tokens. You can still sell or buy FS Key NFT on Paintswap

  1. Earning

Token Holders are eligible to deposit FS and sFS tokens and earn more tokens. Are you interested in fixed time and interest rate deposits? Check more details here.

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