Earn with FS

Earn crypto passively and securely with the FS self-custodial crypto earning dApp
All FS token holders are eligible for earning fixed interest rate on their deposits using our self-custodial and decentralized Earning feature. Enjoy the simplicity of passive crypto income!
  1. 1.
    Start by heading to app.fantomstarter.io/earn​
Self-custodial and decentralized earning app
You can see depending on which chain you have selected in your wallet, if an active earning pool is available.
Users can start earning with as little as 1 FS token!
In this case for Fantom chain, you can see an Active earning pool where users can deposit FS and earn FS
2. Select the Deposit amount and the Deposit period
If the Earning pool is still open and based on your selection Your rewards should now display the amount of tokens you are going to get at the end of the Deposit period!
3. Click on Deposit FS to start earning button
Read the confirmation alert carefully and if you agree to the terms of the deposits proceed by clicking on Accept and deposit button
4. After Accept and deposit button is clicked users will have to first give permission to use the deposit-token (in this case FS) and then execute the transaction for depositing those tokens to the Earning pool.
Read and understand the risks of depositing in the Earning pools. Accept and approve spend transactions only after you understood the terms of the deposit.
5. Relax while you earn passive income! Your rewards will be available to claim together with the initial deposit at the end of the period. No surprises there as everything is handled by the smart contract code and you are always in custody of your funds!
Hooray! You are now Earning on your FS deposit while keeping the custody of your assets as indicated by the bottom button. Come back at the end of the period to claim your Rewards!