💳FS Key Tiers

How to invest with NFT Keys

We designed 7-9 tier systems for investors to stake their $FS Token or FS Key NFT on our platform in order to participate in the new projects launching on our investment protocol. Mechanism behind these Tiers are subject to change from time to time or every project listed. We will always try to provide what is the most fair to the community.

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Minion Key (Tier 1)

  • Allocation rights: Lottery Ticket x1

  • Pool Weight: 1x

  • Staking requirement: 15,000 $FS or Minion Key NFT

  • Max supply: 500

Imp Key (Tier 2)

  • Allocation rights: Lottery Ticket x2

  • Pool Weight: 1.5x

  • Staking requirement: 29,000 $FS or Imp Key NFT

  • Max supply: 250

Oni Key (Tier 3)

  • Allocation rights: Lottery Ticket x4

  • Pool Weight: 2.25x

  • Staking requirement: 56,000 $FS or Oni Key NFT

  • Max supply: 150

Banshee Key (Tier 4)

  • Allocation rights: Lottery Ticket x8

  • Pool Weight: 3.25x

  • Staking requirement: 110,000 $FS or Banshee Key NFT

  • Max supply: 100

Wraith Key (Tier 5)

  • Allocation rights: Guaranteed

  • Pool Weight: 4.5x

  • Staking requirement: 455,000 $FS or Wraith Key NFT

  • Max supply: 50

Kappa Key (Tier 6)

  • Allocation rights: Guaranteed

  • Pool Weight: 9x

  • Staking requirement: 825,000 $FS or Kappa Key NFT

  • Max supply: 35

Fantom King Key (Tier 7)

  • Allocation rights: Guaranteed

  • Pool Weight: 27x

  • Staking requirement: 2,250,000 $FS or Fantom King Key NFT

  • Max supply: 15

Top LP/Wallets (Tier 8)

  • Allocation rights: Guaranteed

  • Pool Weight: TBD

  • Staking requirement: TBD

  • Max supply: TBD

Fantom Ministry

  • Allocation rights: Guaranteed

  • Whitelist requirement: Incubators & Partners

  • Investment Size: Separate allocation

  • Staking requirement: N/A

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