For Projects

What projects planning their IDO or INO on FS should know.
The project applicants that we choose will receive exclusive benefits including development resources such as token engineering and security audits; advisory resources such as marketing, social media and branding support; operational support such as HR, finance and legal assistance; as well as access to our partnership ecosystem.
We chose to build our platform on Fantom for many reasons, which we will share through another article. We genuinely believe that most projects will benefit from building on Fantom. However, we recognize that for some projects that may not be optimal. We know through experience that most projects find it hard to decide which chain their customers should be using. We spend all of our time evaluating and advising projects and can tell you what chain would work best for your project.
Our goal is to help founders with all the logistics so they can focus on what they do best: building product. Checkout on How We Select Crypto Projects​