🌊Liquid Staking FS

How about being able to Seed invest and Earn at the same time? Meet FS Liquid staking - earning while investing was never easier!

For all $FS token holders that want to maximize their FSmart Club subscription, there's always Liquid Staking available where those subscribed for investing can earn from multiple opportunities.

Let's dive into how to seed invest and earn at the same time with FS.

  1. Start at by visiting the FSmart Club section

  1. Choose one of the chains available for activating FSmart Club.

Remember to activate FSmart Club you need FS tokens or a FS Key NFT.

  1. Pick the Liquid Staking option and then the amount of FS tokens you want to deposit. Your Investment Tier will be then decided based on this amount.

  1. For Liquid Staking only when you deposit FS tokens you will get back sFS.

  1. You can use the sFS tokens to earn on the pools available at app.fantomstarter.io/earn or other opportunities available soon.

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