Introduction to FS

Get early access to the ground-breaking projects of tomorrow with the ability to invest in the hottest IDO and INO.

The revolutionary decentralized investment protocol in web3..

With FS, investing and earning in the crypto space has never been easier!
We provide a streamlined, secure platform for all your crypto investment needs and make it simple to access projects on different chains.
Plus, FS is the only protocol that helps protect you and your investments by providing professional advice and financial planning to help you navigate the unique challenges of the crypto space.
With FS, you can be sure that you won't be taken advantage of by rugpulls, dishonest teams, and other scams.

Take control of your investments with FS

The secure and reliable decentralized investment protocol in web3 that already vested more than $10mil in value since 2021.
Audited by SlowMist​

This is where FS comes in.

The vision of FS is to be an all-in-one crypto investment platform.
Starting as a one-stop IDO for all chains, FS will expand into DeFi, NFTs and a meta DEX aggregator

Want to incubate your Web3 start-up with us? Contact us at [email protected] for incubating a sustainable business idea.

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