Introduction to FantomStarter

Invest or raise capital on any blockchain
Welcome to FantomStarter
We created FantomStarter to solve the growing pains of Initial Dex Offerings or IDOs and to create a one stop shop for crypto investors and projects seeking to raise crypto capital.
IDOs have revolutionized and democratized raising money for blockchain startups. However, with any new technology come new problems and those who seek to take advantage of others.
At the moment, you need to have accounts on several different launchpads in order to access projects on different chains. In addition, with the ease of raising capital that IDOs offer, most projects neither have sustainable business plans nor professional advice to navigate the crypto space and its unique challenges. We have also seen countless examples of dishonest teams taking advantage of innocent investors by rugpulls, not delivering, and other scams.
This is where FantomStarter comes in.
The vision of FantomStarter is to be an all-in-one crypto investment platform. Starting as a one-stop IDO for all chains, FantomStarter will expand into DeFi, NFTs and a distributed exchange (DEX) listings. Contact us at [email protected] for incubating a sustainable business idea.
Last modified 1yr ago