How to get early access to FantomStarter dApp?
Test the latest version of the decentralized investment protocol built on Fantom.

Getting Test FTM and Fantom Testnet network on your wallet

Our first public alpha version of the protocol is now available on Fantom Testnet. You need to have your wallet setup for it in order to be able to Connect and start explore it. Add the following details on your wallet provider (eg. Metamask)
Network Name: Fantom testnet
New RPC Url:
ChainID: 0xfa2
Symbol: FTM
Make sure that you have Fantom Testnet set as active network before you try to connect your wallet to the dApp website.
Once this is done go to Fantom Testnet Faucet to get some Test FTM to cover the gas costs.
Just input your wallet address and you should receive some Test FTM to do a couple of thousand of transactions.

Test the next generation decentralized investment protocol dApp

Now that you got your setup ready and have some Test FTM to cover for gas costs let's test how it works.
Head to and connect your wallet
While connected open the Faucet page from the top nav bar to get some test FS tokens in order to be able to stake and buy FantomStarter Key NFTs.
Get Test FS tokens from the Faucet
Wait for a second or 4 until the transaction is confirmed and your Test FS tokens are in your wallet and then head to the Store page.
Now you are ready to test out Staking tokens in order to participate in the upcoming IDO pools or buy NFTs at a discount in order to be able to invest first in the most promising projects.
If you want to test most of the functions of the platform for this first version you can follow these steps
- Go to stake and stake a tier using tokens
- Unstake tokens and eat the 10% penalty
- Go to store and buy a tier NFT
- Go to stake and stake a tier using your shiny NFT
- Go to unstake and show its locked?
Please keep in mind this is a work in progress and doesn't reflect the final product and UI that we are going to use when the dApp is going to be live for everyone.
If you have any feedback for us, please reach out to us on Telegram or shoot us an email at [email protected]